5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps For Mobile You Must Try

Best photo editing apps
Best photo editing apps

Almost everyone in this age uses their phones to capture the moments they are want to remember or relive, this has caused many of us to own a steady social media account that we have a constant need to maintain with consistent photographic or any content. If you are looking for a free photo editing app, then you have come to the right place! We have got you covered with this list of free apps that you can download and use to edit your pictures.


Snapseed Photo Editor
Source: Snapseed Playstore

Snapseed is a photo editing app owned by google that offers you support regarding photo editing. The app has a unique feature of supporting both JPG and RAW image formats and this feature of the app makes it a must-have if you happen to own a DSLR and have to edit pictures fast and on the go. The app provides many cool features for you to check out such as the fact that you can set up to eight control points on your photograph and control them simultaneously to achieve the best possible results. Available on Play Store and App Store.


VSCO Photo Editor
Source: VSCO Playstore

VSCO is an extremely good and really popular app for mobile photography enthusiasts while providing all the tools that Instagram offered before Facebook bought the company and more. The photo filters are a lot more attractive than those offered by Instagram and if you wish to preview the capabilities of the app there is a strong community that is maintained by smartphone photographers. Available on Play Store and App Store.


Pixlr Photo Editor
Source: Pixlr Playstore

Pixlr by Autodesk is another brilliant for editing your photos. The app’s user interface is pretty neat and clean and lets you apply filters and effects with ease. The app uses simple names to define all their tools such as “brighten” or “blur” that makes it easy to use and accessible to everyone. You can download Pixlr from Play Store or App Store.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightrom Photo Editor
Source: Adobe Lightroom Playstore

For a long time, many people had wished for software like photoshop that can edit your photos heavily as well as lets you adjust details other than just the face. The wait is over guys as Adobe has launched their lightroom application for mobile and it is the best experience you could have wished for and is a haven to serious photographers. The app offers a slew of advanced features which cover RAW image editing support. Available on both Play Store and App Store.


Instagram Photo Editor
Source: Instagram Playstore

Instagram had figured out long ago that it would be too much hassle for people to look for a different app to edit their photos and the thought helped them establish a separate feature in their app that allows people to add simple filters to the photos. It lets you adjust the saturation, contrast and many other things in your pictures and you don’t even have to exit the app for all this to happen. But since the organization is so widely successful many people familiar with the app can recognize the filters just by looking at the consequential picture. Available on Play Store as well as on App Store.

All of these apps are great for editing your pictures and plus they are free to download! You are free to try out these apps and if you may take a paid subscription to unlock cool new features on any one of them. All of these apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


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