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Cricket is a sport rich in history and renowned for its records. While some records, like the highest individual score or most wickets in a career, are well-known, there are several lesser-known records that are equally astonishing. In this article, we will explore ten such cricket records that may have slipped under the radar but are nonetheless incredible feats. From unexpected milestones to extraordinary performances, these records will leave you amazed and showcase the extraordinary talent and unique moments in the world of cricket.

Longest Innings in Test Cricket: Hanif Mohammad

Test cricket is known for its endurance and patience, but few matches have witnessed an innings as long as that of Hanif Mohammad’s. In 1958, during a Test match between Pakistan and the West Indies, Hanif played an astonishing innings that lasted for 16 hours and 10 minutes, facing a total of 970 balls. His determination and resilience resulted in a monumental score of 337 runs, which not only helped Pakistan avoid defeat but also set a record for the longest individual innings in Test cricket history.

Most Sixes in an ODI Innings: Rohit Sharma (16 sixes)

Rohit Sharma, known for his power-hitting prowess, etched his name in cricket history during an ODI match against Australia in 2013. Sharma smashed an incredible 16 sixes in his innings, surpassing the previous record of 15 set by Shane Watson and AB de Villiers. His breathtaking display of stroke-making propelled him to a monumental score of 209 runs, making it the highest individual score in an ODI innings.

Most Runs in a Single Over: Herschelle Gibbs (36 runs)

In an ODI match between South Africa and the Netherlands during the 2007 World Cup, Herschelle Gibbs achieved a remarkable feat by scoring 36 runs off one over bowled by Dan van Bunge. Gibbs unleashed his power, hitting six consecutive sixes, becoming the first player in international cricket to achieve this remarkable feat. This record-breaking over remains etched in cricketing folklore as one of the most explosive displays of batting.

Most Runs Scored in a Calendar Year: Kumar Sangakkara (2,868 runs)

Kumar Sangakkara’s batting prowess reached its zenith in 2014 when he amassed a staggering 2,868 runs across all formats of international cricket. This remarkable feat included 11 centuries and 9 fifties, making it the highest tally of runs in a single calendar year. Sangakkara’s consistency and hunger for runs demonstrated his mastery of the game and solidified his status as one of the greatest batsmen of his era.

Fastest Test Double Century: Nathan Astle (153 balls)

In 2002, during a Test match between New Zealand and England, Nathan Astle unleashed a breathtaking display of power-hitting that saw him score the fastest double century in Test cricket. Astle reached the milestone in a mere 153 balls, surpassing the previous record set by Adam Gilchrist. His aggressive stroke play and ability to dispatch the ball to all parts of the ground left the cricketing world in awe.

Highest Individual Score in a T20I: Aaron Finch (172 runs)

Aaron Finch etched his name in the record books during a T20I match against Zimbabwe in 2018. Finch demolished the opposition bowlers, scoring a blistering 172 runs off just 76 balls. His innings included 16 sixes, the most by an individual in a T20I, and helped Australia post a mammoth total of 229 runs. Finch’s explosive knock showcased the immense power and batting prowess that can be displayed in the shortest format of the game.

Most Wickets Taken in a Single Test Match: Jim Laker (19 wickets)

In 1956, English off-spinner Jim Laker etched his name in cricketing history with an extraordinary bowling performance against Australia. Laker took a staggering 19 wickets in a single Test match, a record that still stands today. His figures of 10 for 53 in the first innings and 9 for 37 in the second innings not only helped England secure a comprehensive victory but also showcased his mastery of spin bowling on a turning pitch.

Fastest Fifty in Test Cricket: Misbah-ul-Haq (21 balls)

Known for his calm and composed batting style, Misbah-ul-Haq surprised everyone with his explosive hitting during a Test match against Australia in 2014. Misbah blazed his way to a half-century in just 21 balls, breaking the previous record of 23 balls held by Sir Vivian Richards and Jacques Kallis. His aggressive approach and ability to score quickly demonstrated the unpredictability and excitement that Test cricket can offer.

Most Catches by a Fielder in Test Cricket: Rahul Dravid (210 catches)

While Rahul Dravid is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history, his contributions in the field should not be overlooked. Dravid holds the record for the most catches by a fielder in Test cricket, with an impressive tally of 210 catches. His safe hands and impeccable technique made him a formidable presence in the slip cordon and contributed significantly to India’s success during his career.

Most Consecutive ODI Wins: Australia (21 wins)

The Australian cricket team, known for its dominance during the late 1990s and early 2000s, achieved a remarkable feat by winning 21 consecutive One Day International matches. This incredible winning streak, which spanned from May 2003 to February 2004, showcased Australia’s unparalleled consistency and ability to perform under pressure. Led by the likes of Ricky Ponting and Glenn McGrath, this record-setting team left a lasting legacy in the annals of cricket history.


Cricket is a sport that is filled with remarkable records, some of which are well-known, while others often go unnoticed. The ten lesser-known records highlighted in this article have showcased extraordinary talent, unique moments, and the sheer brilliance of individuals in the game of cricket. From marathon innings to explosive batting displays, these records remind us of the incredible feats that have shaped the sport. As cricket continues to evolve, it is these lesser-known records that add depth and intrigue to the rich tapestry of the game, ensuring that cricket’s history is forever etched with awe-inspiring accomplishments.

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