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President Trump was breaking up the internet with memes since he began running for president. In addition to being the subject of many memes, Trump and his fans have also used internet memes to their own ends. Before its Reddit prohibit, the r/The_Donald subreddit was a breeding ground for memes championing him or mocking his political competitors, and many still circulate in pro-Trump Facebook groups.

Donald Trump has always been an incredibly memeable person (petition for that for a real word). His absolute incompetence leaves him one of the least difficult jokes in politics, whether it was that infamous interview with Jonathan Swan, the revelation that he simply paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, or one of several, many additional ludicrous things that have happened since he became President.

A number of memes derive from his own tweets, which usually utilize brash, creative speech — whether it’s a sharp insult hurled at a rival, a bizarre typo or his out-of-the-box political messaging.

Trump can be likely the most-photographed man in the world, giving the internet plenty of embarrassing seconds to be Photoshopped and shared around. Whether you like him or hate him, you’ve gotta admit that Donald Trump is exceptionally meme material.

Luckily, 2020 was a prime season for memes — especially governmental memes. Let’s get through this chaotic time with a few laughs.

US Presidential Debate 2020 Memes

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden participated in the finished face-off ahead of the November 3 elections. Here are a few of the best memes from the final US presidential debate:
Who muted the mute button?

Trump Coronavirus Memes

The internet exploded with memes following US President Donald Trump tested positive for the fatal coronavirus.

Netizens could not help but recall the time when Trump had called downplayed the severeness of COVID-19, calling it a”hoax” and contrasted it to the flu.

Counting Money Before Donation Memes

Ahead of the final presidential debate, US President Donald Trump attended a ceremony at the International Church of Las Vegas, but a photo from case got a lot of focus on social media.

The president who rarely goes to church but has remained popular amongst evangelical Christians for his opposition to abortion and for appointing conservative judges attended the indoor occasion filled with people, also has been seen once again with no mask.

Trump, who worshipped having a few White House staffers including Hope Hicks and Kayleigh McEnany, set a wad of $20 bills in the donation bucket marked”Change 4 Change.”

However, before making the donation, he was captured counting on the bills while sitting on a chair on the podium. Reuters photographer Carlos Barria’s photograph of the US president counting money was soon broadly shared on social media.

US President Donald Trump made the headlines after a picture of him counting cash at church service went viral across social media platforms.

Trump Bible Memes

Trump bible memes bombarded the internet after the President’s photo-op at St John’s church was too tempting for netizens.

They Are After You Tweet Memes

US President Donald Trump, who is no stranger to sharing mysterious tweets and memes, first tweeted a sentence after which a meme of himself.

Trump tweeted a meme of him seated at a seat and pointing into the camera with the text over him stating: “In reality, they’re not after me. They’re after you.” The text below said: “I’m just in the way”. Later on, Twitter removed that picture due to copyright violation.

Donald Trump RED WAVE Tweet Memes

US President Trump predicted that Republicans could ride a “Red Wave” to sweeping victories in the midterm elections, even as polls continue to show Democrats from the lead. But many emphasized that Trump did not understand red wave generally connotes to PERIODS.

Random Donald Trump Funny Memes

Here are some of the random Trump memes which are hilarious and became viral over the internet in no time.

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