23 Funny Memes By Mumbai Police On Twitter

Mumbai police twitter memes
Mumbai police twitter memes

We all are aware that the primary responsibility of the Mumbai police is to look at law enforcement and investigation within the limits of Mumbai. However, if you happen to be a follower of Mumbai police on twitter you might know that they share some of the best memes on twitter related to the ongoing trends.

Currently, the Mumbai police have 5 million followers on twitter. The count is increasing day by day. Along with helping fellow citizens having queries and complaints in the city through twitter, they also post hilarious and sarcastic memes related to security, healthcare, etc which keep their followers entertained.

Here are some of the hilarious memes by Mumbai police from their twitter handle.

1. Social Distancing

2. Cyber Safety and Whatsapp Forwards

3. Passwords

4. Masks

5. Sharing Passwords

6. Fake News

7. Phishing Attacks

8. Security cameras

9. Stay Home, Stay Safe

10. Stranger things

11. Stay Home And Chill

12. PUBG – Red Zones

13. Lockdown – Money Heist

14. Importance of masks

15. Fight against COVID-19

16. Horoscope

17. Bulati hai, magar janeka nahi

18. Helmets

19. Obscene Acts or Words

20. Run if you can…

21. On Dark web series

22. M.S.D

We don’t know who handles the twitter account of Mumbai police but whoever handles it, that person or team has a great sense of humour.

23. Mirzapur

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