Top 10 Indian Movies Which Cannot Be Seen With Parents

Indian movies which cannot be seen with parents
Adult Indian Movies

With evolving time, there have been extreme changes in Indian movies which can be clearly observed. Albeit not many movies of past time likewise contained grown-up content and erotic scenes, their number today is expanding significantly. Certain producers accept it as the need of changing time and feels that this type of adult content adds to the distinction of a film, helping incredibly in its exposure.

In India, talking openly about sex is still a taboo. Just a condom ad on television makes people uncomfortable, forget about such watching such movies with parents. Simultaneously, we can’t overlook the fundamental actuality that such scenes are a lot of eye-catching and haul crowd to the theatres.

Let us now head straight to the list of top 10 Indian movies which cannot be seen with parents:

1. Hacked

Hacked is a 2020 Hindi spine chiller film featuring Hina Khan, Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar. A 19 y/o gets computer hacker falls in love with Sameera. After getting rejected, the teenager hacks her social media accounts to take revenge and ruins her personal and professional life.

2. The Body

The inspector starts hunting for the truth when the body of a powerful businesswoman disappears from the morgue. But when he starts interrogating her husband, he realizes there is much more to the case than what he can see.

3. Ascharyachakit!

Trapping the lives of a celebrity, an escort, a whore and a pimp, this intense show uncovers revolting facts underneath Mumbai’s spectacular facade.

4. Hotel Milan

Vipul and Saurabh come up with a radical business idea and political hell breaks loose in Uttar Pradesh.

5. The Journey of Karma

Its a story of a slum girl who is splendid in studies and attempts to pursue her fantasies to work in America. She goes through her excursion brimming with curve n turns, shocks, desire with a strange elderly person.

6. Lust Stories

Four short movies by four of India’s greatest directors investigating adoration, sex and connections in current India.

7. Tishnagi

An honest police officer and a software engineer investigates a series of killings that appear to have been performed by a psychotic killer.

8. Long Live Brij Mohan

A man fakes his own death. Sadly for him, beginning another existence with another character will just bring him more issues.

9. B.A. Pass 2

A young woman relocates to Mumbai to avoid an arranged marriage. Living alone in the city, she experiences a variety of issues.

BA Pass 2
Source: Netflix

10. One Night Stand

After Urvil and Celina go through a night together, Celina leaves the following morning. The two of them approach their ordinary lives until Urvil detects her and starts a frantic inquiry to get in touch with her once more.

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Have any more such movies suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.


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