Best Web Series and Documentaries You Must Watch In 2020

Top Web Series
Top Web Series

With the world still remaining indoors due to the outbreak of the recent coronavirus pandemic, online streaming services are having to deal with unprecedented amounts of traffic on their platforms. From gut aching comedies to gripping thrillers, these are the top web series that you simply need to watch before your office resumes normally. This by no means is a countdown list.

1. Never Have I Ever

The plot of the web series focuses on the life of Indian-American, Devi and her struggles of daily life to navigate family and friendship after the sudden death of her father. What follows is a moving journey through the eyes of an adolescent touching on various complexities of life.

2. The Stranger

If you are in the mood for a thriller, The Stranger can be the perfect show to fit your bill. Streaming on Netflix, the web series is based on a novel written by Harlan Coben of the same name. If you like the occasional thriller, the web series is sure to have you covered.

3. Panchayat

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Panchayat showcases the journey of a graduate who is recruited in the panchayat office of a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, India due to the lack of job opportunities. The show does a perfect job of bringing out a perfect portrayal of the Indian rural culture and the nuances it brings along.

4. Four More Shots Please Season 2

The follow-up season to 2019’s smash hit Four More Shots Please released in April 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. A unique tale of four female friends, the second season will resume from the cliff hanger the first season ended with and will take the viewers on an emotional roller coaster as the four continue to build their friendship.

5. Unorthodox

Netflix first web series featuring into the Yiddish content, the series focuses on a young Jewish woman who flees from Brooklyn to start a new life in Berlin. Based on the memoir of Deborah Feldman, “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots”, the performances and wonderful story makes it a gripping experience.

6. Cheer

Streaming on Netflix, Cheer presents viewers with the gruelling truth behind the closed doors of competitive cheering. Narrating the experience cheerleaders have to go through in order to reach the pinnacle, Cheer is one of the most alluring experiences Netflix has to offer.

7. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

This seven-part documentary on Netflix takes on a unique concept of owning big cats in America. The documentary follows Joe Exotic who is a tiger breeder and zookeeper in Oklahoma. With a cast of some truly quirky characters whose crimes must be seen in order to believe, the web series offers viewers with some engrossing experiences.

8. Time to Eat

Featuring Nadiya Hussain, Time to Eat is a well-acclaimed cooking show on Netflix, Nadiya provides the viewers with some awesome cooking shortcuts and some cost and time-saving tricks. Unlike other cooking series which features complicated recipes, Time to Eat is a break away from the elitist cooking shows on the internet.

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